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Your Heroes are not Innocent: Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder, the hollywood director, who has been criticized massively and one of the few to have as many director cuts as he can, spoke to his fans in the recently concluded film fest, in which his best films (director's cuts) were showcased.

On the day he screened Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a plethora of questions and requests were opened by the audience. Yeah!! We were all waiting to hear about the Justice League: Snyder Cut. A movement which was given credit to by the man himself.

This was the day when all was revealed. The original plans for the Justice League, how the things shape up?, why was the Knightmare scene included?, and what was the plan for Superman's inevitable return?

All of this was discussed and during one of the talks, he mentioned something that was not the first time he said.

He said "You are living in a f#$king dream world if you think your heroes are innocent". As much as I would like to disagree with him, I hate to say that this is the sad truth. Its a war between my heart and my mind. My heart says that my heroes are innocent, fight for justice and always play by the law. My mind says, that I am dumb idiot.

To quote Sir John Dalberg-Acton and also a dialogue in the movie BvS,

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", is just a reflection of what we as a society have become. Just the sheer immense of a political power bends the minds of the people to do atrocious things, they why wouldn't the power of being a super hero bring anyone down?

Any person who thinks that he is a super hero, would also think that he is above the law, because he is the law, as he protects the innocents, fights crime, keeps the city safe. But how long will he be doing good deeds? May be in the beginning. But later? What follows?

He will be bored. He will no longer say "I will help you". He will say, "I do not care. Get the hell out of here."

This is an analysis that has been done by DC as well as other comic book publishers. Even Marvel. Everyone knows how superheros will fall and they will be the first to fall, as they have everything to loose.

The only reason people criticize Snyder is because he accepts the shortcomings of a super hero. They are not special and will definitely not stay good.

"NO ONE STAYS GOOD IN THIS WORLD" says Superman to Lois. Yup. I agree.

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