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The Mentalist - Series Review

Some great story lines and some great emotional peaks, The Mentalist, does it all, with ease and grace.

Ya, Ya!!!, I get you. I am a light years late in reviewing this. Yes. I know it. But the beauty is, it is still fresh in my mind and me and my family, can't seem to have an evening without watching an episode of this and the utter chaos that is created by the protagonist, Patrick Jane.

When watching the initial episodes of The Mentalist, I was reminded of a similar show on the CBS (I guess), which was the 'White Collar". Similar to this, the White Collar, also had a guy or an ex fugitive in its case (Neil Caffrey), who was helping the FBI (CBI or California Bureau of Investigation in The Mentalist), to solve cases related to his particular area of interest that is White Collar crimes (normal murders in case of the Mentalist), and develops a strong relationship with Agent Burke, (Teresa Lisbon, in Mentalist), and then the story moves on to his own personal quest.

See the relationship? But even though both the series had a similar taking and both ran about the same time, there was something about The Mentalist, that had an edge over its other cousin.

There was this charm and wittiness about the lead, and the dire past he had been in. The story takes off as his own personal quest to find the murderer of his wife and daughter, "Red John". a serial killer, who had been doing this since many years and does not seem to retire. Frankly, for me the season reached its end in the sixth edition, when Jane finds and kills the real "Red John". But given the high ratings of the previous season, they had to dish out another season, which was the lead's transition from the CBI to FBI and how he starts out a romantic relationship with his long time fellow CBI partner, Teresa Lisbon.

Over all the seasons, were perfect, especially, the seasons, where in we are thrown a bone on the Red John cases and how he seemingly is controlling the entire law enforcement. We have some tough episodes, where we are told that many high ranking individuals in the FBI and the CBI could be a potential suspect of being the Red John themselves and the revelation of the Red John, and how Jane is able to manipulate him and finally have his revenge. This is about simple transition of a man, who was a victim, but then manages to cling onto his gut and self belief, to redeem himself. The Mentalist, does to all and does it in style. Simon Baker ( Patrick Jane), who is both the lead and also the producer of the show, establishes the lead as someone who is street smart and knows what he is playing against. He forms this simple psyche of human intellect, that we can all see and learn to be and probably emulate. Along with Bruno Heller (Gotham), who is both awe inspiring and mega successful, bring out a newly baked intellectual pie, that is good to look , as well as to eat.

The complete series is available on Amazon Prime and you can buy it over here. The Mentalist. Next Up is my ever favorite and emotionally satisfying series, Dexter.

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