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SHAZAM: Review

Those initial days of hitting a rock bottom on every corner seems to have vanished for DC, as they churn out brilliant movies one after the other. SHAZAM is the perfect follow-up after the last year's billion dollar outing, Aquaman.

SHAZAM keeps up with the DC's tradition of not being an over the top comedic or humorous film. It maintains its dignity with a dark opening. I mean, it sometimes raised a doubt in my mind if I was watching the correct movie or not. The marketing material they used for this movie only projected it to be a light hearted and somewhat Marvel type, but yeah, this is a treat for all the DC fans, as it is laced with some darker elements in the beginning.

The story revolves around Billy Batson (Asher Angel), jumping different foster homes and parents and then finally decides to give chance to a family. The family is caring and very protective. Here he meets with Freddy Freeman (amazingly played by Jack Dylan Grazer), who is a comic book nerd and follows all the DC superheros. The scenes between the two are hilarious and it goes to another level when Zachary Levy joins in.

Billy quickly develops a soft spot for the family and this connect also leads him to get on a fight with some bullies.

He then encounters the Wizard (Djimon Hounsou), who recognizes him as the champion and makes him the new Shazam!

Till this point, the story moves slowly, but after Zachary Levy enters the scene, then this movie outperforms any of the movies in the comedy genre. Not cheesy, but intelligent and a very self aware comedy.

One thing that we liked was the serious moments standing on their own, and were not laced with humor elements.

Mark Strong as Dr. Sivana, is given a good amount of time to establish himself as the bad character. We get his motivations, but they do not make him a strong villain. Given that this is the origin story of Shazam and we did not require a strong villain, Mark Strong suffices with his performance.

One this that you will love about this entire set up is that there are many references to the DCEU and its superhereos. Many talks about future villains (Black Adam) and fan moment when someone who can also fly is referred or shown. We do not want to spoil anything, but we recommend you to pay attention to details over here.

We give it 4/5.

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