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Hello is filled with beautiful people, beautiful music and a beautiful story that reminds us of those cute, lovey dovey moments we all have in our lives. Director Vikram.K.Kumar has put in a lot of heart and soul into this current project.

We can look at it saying this was all planned as the Akkineni family’s bread and butter are the romantic soft movies and love stories. We have seen it with Legendary Nageshwar Rao, with Nagarjuna and that is how Naga Chaitanya also pulled off. After a debacle of launch with Akhil, Akhil has got a fresh lease into his film career with “Hello”.

Akhil is refreshing and puts his soul into the movie. We see that he has developed and gives a very good acting performance. His expressions, his emotions, his stunts, his dances all ooze out love and romance.

Kalyani Priyadarshini is cute. She is effortless in emotional scenes and is in sync and tandem with her character. We only wish she had more screen time because she is hardly has any. Most of the story only revolves around the hero. Its only in the second half where she is given ample amount of scenes.

One special mention to the two little child artists who were in the movie. I would even say that this movie belongs to them. The half an hour story that those two children are given, is an awesome watch and treat to your eyes. Special moments with cute expressions and also one emotionally charged up song, it all happens in that half an hour, that sets the tone for the rest of movie.

You have Ramya Krishna (not Krishnan), and Jagapathi Babu give out a splendid and exquisite performance. They let you know why are called the pros of the game.

Overall, its a movie that is worth a watch. Vikram Kumar draws your attention and I should say that he has made justice to our attention and money.

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