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Ever since I watched the Justice League - The Animated series, in my childhood, I have dreamt of a moment in my life, when all things that existed would take a pause, and I will carry on my childhood excitement and relish the league on the big screen.

First I was surprised at the way the movie progressed. I am like, "Wow. This is superbly done editing." And there were moments when they removed the scenes from the trailers. I did get pissed off. 

I was excited for the big release of the Justice League. I booked the tickets well in advance and was eagerly waiting for the release date. I watched some early reviews and got hyped up due to the negative reviews. Yes. I did literally. Last year, BvS got so many negative reviews and when I watched it on the big screen, I was totally in awe of it. Brilliant moments combined with raw visuals of the Snyder realm, just blew my mind.

I went into the theatre, crowd cheers. I teared up before the beginning, as this was my life's very big dream.YESSSS!!!

The first moment they show Superman,in the opening scene, we all roared like kids in a candy shop. I look at Henry Cavill's face and the first thing I see is his poorly done lower face. Its ok, but we have the entire movie, I am like "Screw it".

Then you have the brilliant titles. Sigrid's "Everybody Knows". Apt and Perfect.

Batman facing off with a bad guy, just to use him as a bait to catch a parademon, is straight out of the comics and the animated movie, Justice League - War. It was enormously awesome watching the same being replicated on screen. Thanks to Geoff Johns, I suppose.

First I was surprised at the way the movie progressed. I am like, "Wow. This is superbly done editing." And there were moments when they removed the scenes from the trailers. I did get pissed off. 

There were couple of things, I liked and couple of things I didn't.

Things I liked.

1. WonderBat - I have been a very vocal supporter of the Wonderbat and god do we finally get to see some chemistry between them. Kudos to Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. They pull off extreme tension to gentle care for each other with great finesse and maturity.

2. Aquaman - Going into Justice League, I wanted very minimal back story and attention to be given to Jason Mamoa's Aquaman. We are getting his solo, so why dwelve into it. This was about the league, not about individuals. So I liked his minimal, yet informative dive into Atlantis.

3. Cyborg - Man, Ray Fisher, can go deep into character. His rendition of Victor Stone was perfect. Nuanced to the core, but human at heart. Also to be praised equally is Zack for his choice. 

4. Deathstroke - Ever since, Ben Affleck teased about Deathstroke, I have been wildly running around in circles with joy. It is the first time that you are getting a deep dive into the DC lore and characters. Even though it was just a tease, just the feeling of seeing him onscreen in his suit, standing in front of Lex Luthor was hypnotising to say the least.

5. Superman - Is it a bird? Plane? No, its Christopher Reeves. Hell Yeah. Henry Cavill, shines as he makes a comeback in this movie, but not as the Superman he has been portraying all this while. He is changed and death has brought a new life into him. So to speak. He smiles, laughs, says cheesy one liners and the best of all "Tell me. Do you Bleed?".

Things I dint like.

1. Batman - This is not the batman. Certainly not the one from BvS. We all knew that Batman did have a dark sense of humor, but this is too jokey for batman. He is constantly telling you, on your face, that we have all the meta humans, and this movie is about them and not about the leader. He the founding father of the group and tells Diana, to take the reins of the team. When she does'nt heed, he goes on a Suicide Mission, to let her know she needs to take control. WTFFFFFFFF.

2. Whedon Effect - Had they continued the same tone of BvS, with some humor, this would have been the perfect cinematic interpretation of this great team. But Whedon just comes, takes some liberties, changes the script as he wants and churns an all out Marvelized DC movie. No stakes. Dumb Villain. Lots of cringe worthy team moments and toned down superheroes.

3. Flash's Running - Ezra Miller is like a fresh pizza, just from a pan. It looks yumm, but it is too hot to eat. I like his presentation and jokes, but what the hells wrong with his running? Has'nt anyone told him, how to run? He runs like a cat that is wearing flip flops with 7 inches heel. But then thankfully, you dont have many shots of him running around. 

Conclusion : I opened with the title "Beautiful Lie", because this movie, when it was started, was on the way to become something else. It was smoothly created by David Goyer and Chris Terrio, who had brought some bravado and tone. Zack Snyder along with Larry Fong, took it to a different level, altogether. But due to some unfortunate events, this turned out to be an Apple Pie, that was never baked properly. You have all the ingredients, but the chef doesn't know how to bake. I give it 3 1/2 out of 5. 

I have deliberately chosen to ignore Danny Elfman, and his score for the movie. He is great, but I am a diehard fan of Hans Zimmer.

"In the end, they took me to the light. A BEAUTIFUL LIE" - Abhay Shashank. Please write your views or comments on the form beside or send an email to blog@tunelyric.com

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