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Dexter-Series Review-Season Wise.

Where do I begin with this? Dexter is so many facets of human emotions. He is the ultimate symbol of what a good man can be and what an evil man can be. Lets begin, by looking at the season wise decoding of what Dexter is...

If anybody's watched Dexter, then one thing they will definitely like or hate will be the opening titles. Personally, I am a big fan of the opening credits. I have never seen anything like it so far, and that too on TV. Those closely set up camera angles and those eerie shots of slicing an orange, preparing breakfast, tying shoe laces, and the list goes on. Its like you are being shown the same things that you do routinely, but from a different perspective. In case, someone was wondering why the titles are so colorful, yet they churn your stomach, is because our protagonist, is a serial killer, who hunts other serial killers. Yes, he is your friendly neighborhood Serial Killer. The series was an adaptation of a book, called "Darkly Dreaming Dexter", which was written by Jeff Lindsay. I dunno if Jeff Lindsay, had written so many books for the novel, but the TV series ran for quiet a time and was mega successful.


In the first season, we are introduced to Dexter, and how he balances his life as a Blood Splatter Analyst in the Miami Police Department in the day and how he hunts during the night. He only kills serial offenders, based on a code that he is made to follow by his foster father, who himself was a cop. The whole season is brutal and gory, as they are chasing a notorious serial killer called as the Ice Truck Killer, who is revealed later as Dexter's long lost brother. Coincidentally, that same guy is also engaged to Dexter's step sister. Isn't that twisted? One thing I really liked, is the way Michael C Hall, totally outperforms and pulls you into his realm. You look at him at first and say, really!!, but when you have seen him in all the scenes with high drama and how ferocious he can become, then you are gonna come out and say REALLY??? That guy is so awesome, in his mannerisms, his emotions, and also he understands that Dexter cannot emote like all of us, as he is incapable of having those emotions. He is human, but not humane.


In the second season, we are introduced to some new characters and how they affect Dexter's life. Seargent Doaks, is suspicious about Dexter being the Bay Harbor Butcher, and is following him and keeping an eye on him, which is making things difficult.

Dexter is not able to hunt at night and this is disturbing him a lot. Also, he is having a romantic affair with Lila, who is an outsider and she knows who Dexter is and what he does. She is not bothered about it, and she is looking to have more of his evil self. On the whole, this season was a little disappointing, mainly due to the fact, that the first season, was totally based on the novel, while the second, was totally prepared from ground up, as a TV series script and was not based on any other source material.


This is where the series becomes so interesting and so engrossing, that I was glued to the TV, the whole time this season ran. I feel this was the best season and you can see Dexter here in all his glory.

Dexter, is now happy, after banishing the evils of season 2, and he starts his hunt. In this season, we are shown, that he kills a person called Freebo, who is a murderous drug dealer. Unfortunately, Freebo, also happens to be the youngest brother of the Miami District Attorney, Miguel Prado (brilliantly played by Jimmy Smits), who comes to the Miami PD and befriends Dexter, for finding his brother's killer. This whole scenario of Dexter, helping Miguel and later covering his own tracks, is very thrilling to watch. They both form a team, and Miguel helps Dexter, in eliminating bad guys, who do not deserve a trial in the court of law.

Towards the end, Miguel finds out that it was Dexter, who had killed his brother, and then you have one of the most exciting "Cat and Mouse" games, I have ever seen in a TV series. Such intense acting, coupled with good story telling, as I said before, you should watch it and feel the chill, as Dexter and Miguel fight it out.


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