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Captain Marvel - Review

The Marvel fans wanted it and here it is. The first female superhero led Marvel movie.

I was really apprehensive about this one. This movie had the most polarizing marketing strategies I had ever seen. A wierd choice of words from Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, stating that she doesn't want White Males to review her movie. It was a dumb choice as she also went on record to state that almost 64% of the top 100 movies releasing every year are reviewed by them. I mean if the numbers are very high, why would you want to anger them?

Anyway, keeping all this aside, while all the negative publicity played in my mind, I thought let us give this movie a chance. And I should say, it was neither disappointing, nor it was overwhelming. Over the years, Marvel had stuck to a formula, which meant that the villains were meant to glorify the heros and the heros always joke in a serious situation. Well this happened again.

Skrulls lead by my favourite Aussie Ben Mendelsohn are shapeshifters who are going to put the lives of humans in danger. Krees are a bunch of NOBEL WARRIOR HEROES, as Carol puts out,have been in a long standing war with the Skrulls. The film opens in Hala, the home planet for the Kree civilization. I thought this would be the part where I get to know the backstory, but to my surprise, even Carol Danvers doesn't know why she is there.

She only knows one thing and that she is a warrior for the Kree (weren't they shown as villains in the first Guardians of the Galaxy?), and her mentor Jude Law pushes her to be emotionless.

Yup. Which is why you see her face being emotionless in almost all the trailers.

Soon she realizes that the Kree are playing with her memories and messing her head up and escapes, only to land on Earth. And the year is 1995.

A neatly de-aged Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury who is slightly lower in the SHIELD ranks, is seen chasing her.

What follows next is what you must have read in almost all the reviews. BUDDY COP drama.

The funny moments between Fury and Danvers are one of the best that you would ever see and this movie almost feels a Nick Fury movie more than a Carol Danvers movie.

The rest of the movie is how she finds out who she earlier was, how she lost her memory and the mandatory fight sequences.

Yes you would expect the fight scenes to be choreographed better and this movie delivers on this experience.

This movie mostly feels like a phase 1 movie as there are some glaring plot holes and unnecessary things here and there.

Overall, if you are not comparing this movie to Wonder Woman, then this movie delivers an entertaining experience. But, not many will look at this movie without comparing it with the DC counterpart. Right?

We rate it 3/5.

Let us know what are your thoughts in the comments section.

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