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Bhaagmathie - Review

Anushka Shetty draws in huge crowds, due to this being her first film after the 2017 blockbuster Bahubali 2. Will it stand up to the expectations?

At the first glance, we were under the impression that this was another film of epic proportions dealing with paranormal activities and other supernatural elements. But there is a twist. Behind all the hoopla and loud screams, there lies a story of a young IAS officer and her travails.

Through out the film, Anushka stands out and excels in her performance of being a morally correct IAS officer and how her love story becomes the crux of the story.

Even though this film is being portrayed as a horror, you will find that at the end this is a very cleverly misleading plot line, for which we need to give a huge thumbs up for the director and screenplay writer.

We wouldn't want to spoil the movie twist, but we can assure you that the scares that you get while watching the first half are later shown as clever elements to run the story. But yeah, there are lots of scary scenes in the first half.

Even the second half holds good on its own, as we progress from the storyline of a horror movie, to a completely twisted revenge plotline that is based on politics and big scams. Such things are nothing new to our Telugu Film Industry, but this is the first time, we have ever seen, such a treatment being given to an ordinary plot.

Overall, Bhaagmathie stands tall and is heaping praise from every corner and we feel it is rightly deserved.

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