awe is awesome

Yes, It’s simply an awesome movie. I am still wondering how the debutant director, Prasanth Varma explained the story to his producers and cast. It’s one of the unique movies with the most original content that I have seen in recent days. (Almost reminded me of Christopher Nolan, but has a different tone to the movie)

People who did not watch this movie (please watch this movie in theatre, it’s worth spending money in theatre) ask me what genre this movie is. Hard for me to tell. It starts with gloomy tone, moves to fun and laughter, then horror, an important social message, a bit of science and ends with an unexpected incident which makes your mind go bonkers.

Though major credit goes to the director, should really appreciate the producers Nani and Prashanti Tipirneni to have faith in the story and director. One can see the production values and technical team efforts in the visuals. Without those, movie wouldn’t have made quite an impact.

About cast, Kajal, Nithya Menon, Esha Rebba, Regina, Murali Sharma, Priyadharshi, Srinivas Avasarala, Devadarshini and rest of the cast. Everyone did a good job.

I would not tell the plot as I feel it’s better to have a fresh experience. Below comments might contain some of the plot, I am trying not to give away any spoilers.

This is the first movie in Telugu which discussed about same-gender relationships and transgender issues. Kudos to director not making fun of this and at the same time not dwelling on the same topic long and keeping it simple. Nitya’s character, Krish’s explanation about sexual orientation and childhood trauma is elegant and informative.

Murali Sharma’s character Yogi felt like a bit out of the storyline but still it was entertaining. Priyadarshi’s character, Nala’s interaction with the Fish(Nani) and the Bonsai (Ravi Teja) came out funny and made the movie light hearted in the midst of the other serious characters. Regina’s styling and characterization is totally new and refreshing to Telugu audience.

Last but not least amazing work by Art Director Sahi Suresh and excellent Back Ground Score by Mark K. Robin.

With all these ingredients, Awe comes out to be a refreshing take on twisted tales. Tunelyric definitely recommends you to catch this movie.

Vinay Teja

About the Reviewer: Vinay is the newest member to join our bouncing pack of writers. He will be a main contributor in many of the blog posts. Writing is a passion for him, and like all others interested in Tunelyric, creativity comes naturally to him. Wishing him all the best on his new stint.

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