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avengers:infinity war review. ***/5

Ok. Finally, we have the movie that is a culmination of 10 years tease. But for a build up that has taken 10 years, Avengers:Infinity War though shining, has some weak spots. Lets dig deep.

"Fun isn't one considers while balancing the Universe", exclaims the main character of this movie, Thanos. Yes, he is the center of attraction and though this film's title reads Avengers, they are not what the film is about. They are just a set of people whom Thanos encounters, in his quest to bring poetic "JUSTICE", to the universe. Simply, by killing half of it. He is given a major portion of the nearly 3 hours long movie. And to be fair, given the build up and 10 years tease, if he was given even a second less time, then probably it would have been a great injustice to the fans.

I like Thanos. Every time he was on screen, he made me uncomfortable. A great character development and character growth that we hardly see in the MCU for villains. His arc, is of a unique one I should say, because, he is not a conflicted villain. He is just clear as to what he wants and then gets it.

He is there right from the beginning and he does some unimaginable things, and straight up, you are kind of taken aback by his actions. I should say here that the Russo brothers, have thought very well about the characters they wanna kill off and the characters they wanna continue with. (But it doesn't matter if they die, coz we have a time stone...right?). Thano's characterization reminded of a similar guy in "Man of Steel". Your right people, Thanos is a Marvelized Zod. Both of them have faced grave consequences and would go to any extent in doing what they do, because they think of themselves as the good guys and what they are doing is for the greater good.

Lets continue.....

You have set action pieces, that are good and that are sloppy as well. I really didn't understand why the Hulk was given the Hulkbuster armour to wear, when clearly he didn't have anything to do. You have Captain America, who has only 2 to 3 dialogues to say, you have Black Panther, who is shown just for the heck of it (Coz they were not expecting Black Panther to be such a big hit). Its the same with every other heroes and some have slightly more and some have slightly less screen time.

Marvel deliberately made him to look like JOSS WHEDON

Overall, I felt this was very tiring to watch, because you have many things that are happening and it is very difficult to keep up with all the things. There are many surprises too. It is a convoluted drama involving a Mad Titan, and this is the reason why you are seeing so many mixed reactions in the Rotten Tomatoes. By the look of it, this was supposed to be a 93% and above fresh, but is currently sitting at 85% (87% in the morning when I checked), which by all means is a low performance score.

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