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The DC's billion dollar juggernaut is available for Digital download from today and up for a Blu-ray release soon.

Rise with the waves or all rise for the new KING.

After a tremendous run at the box office, Aquaman is now set to rule at the hearts of home cinema lovers. Digitally releasing today i.e on March 5th 2019 and coming on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD on March 26th 2019.

Along with it we gets tons of extra footage. Around 30 minutes of extra footage was what we thought we would get, and it stands to be true.

But wait, your thirst for DC lore and movies does not end here, you also get a 3 minute sneak peak to the next DC release which is SHAZAM!

If you don't want to waste any further time, then here is the link to purchase on Amazon India.

The Aquaman 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD contain the following special features:

Going Deep Into the World of Aquaman

Becoming Aquaman

James Wan: World Builder

Aqua Tech

Atlantis Warfare

The Dark Depths of Black Manta

Heroines of Atlantis

Villaneous Training

Kingdoms of the Seven Seas

Creating Undersea Creatures

A Match Made in Atlantis

Scene Study Breakdowns

Exclusive Sneak Peek of Shazam!

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