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agnatavaasi - album review

Lot of classy elements. Lots of clean music. But is this how you give music to a Pawan Kalyan's movie?

You just cant imagine, how much of a mass star is Pawan Kalyan. With the fan population growing day by day and second only to the Tamil Superstar Rajnikant, Pawan was always considered to be a role model for the youth. His recent political interventions, his political party and his decision to contest elections in 2019, always pulled out a huge crowd support. These fans are abiding to one revolution called as "Pawanism".

As the history goes, we have always seen his previous movie albums churn out some memorable massy numbers, right from his initial days. With his album however, he seems to be turning a new leaf. Something that might be able to help him in his political fight. He is trying to establish himself as a righteous politician.

Coming back to the album, we have so many different varieties of A Class music, that it will be a treat to ears, to all lovers of traditional classical numbers. Especially, "Swagatham Krishna". Awesome song, which completely elevates you into a different realm. "Baithikochi Chooste", is already a hit number and is quiet popular with the youth these days. "Gaali Valuga" and "AB, Yevaro nee baby", just come and go. Breezy numbers with melody peppered here and there. "Dhaga Dhaga Maney", is the quintessential tollywood hero number. Showcasing hero's sacrifices and his qualities being the main theme of the lyrics.

Overall, I would say Music Director Anirudh, has churned out a beautiful album, with some spectacular classical numbers. But I don't think, he has met the audience's expectation. After we all would expect a bomb, if the "Kolaveri Di", composer just started composing for "Pawan Kalyan", and this being the 25th film for PSPK.

However, there is one hidden song, that is not there in the album, is "Kodakaa Koteshwar Rao, which is releasing on 31st December 2017, as a musical treat to fans, sung by PSPK himself. May be this will level the playing field. Fingers Crossed.

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