A Quiet Place

It too

k a while for me to watch this movie. Glad that I could catch up with it this weekend. Watched the trailer, awed by the concept. Being an admirer of the Emily Blunt’s work is the another reason to watch the movie. But what surprised me is, “Is that John Krasinski? Is that guy from the office?” He is wonderful actor and to add more to it he is the writer and director of the movie.


Family surviving the post-apocalyptic attack from the aliens which are visually impaired but hypersensitive to hearing. They attack anything that makes sound and destroys them. One family learns to survive without making any sound. John and Emily plays parents of 3 kids and Emily being pregnant again. They don’t use footwear, they use sign language, they tip-toe event to walk in their home. Kids learn to laugh, play without making a sound. They walk on the designed path outside the home with white sand so that they don’t make any unwanted sounds. As a father John’s character is filled with the survival instincts. Even other characters are so well adapted that they don’t go by their usual flight or fright response.

This is the same experience I felt while watching original Jurassic Trilogy. With this movie, John Krasinski has established himself as writer, director and actor. Emily did an outstanding performance as usual and I am expecting this is another Academy nomination performance.

Overall, It’s a nerve-racking experience transcending the level moment after moment.

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