Writer Spotlight : Swetha Rajagopal-Anand


Tunelyric, has always been about people and their creativity. Different people with different ideas and different beliefs have been the crux of this world for now and since time immemorial. We seek out fresh new ideas and thoughts, that will drive our future generations and continue to inspire people. In our search we have found some gems of literature and art. In our such conscious effort, to bring out new talent and new artists, we present our most valuable section that is the Artist Page. And we are delighted to present our second Artist Spotlight on the very talented and bright Swetha Rajagopal-Anand. We bring to you a candid interview about her journey which is filled with creative ideas.

1) What made you start writing and how passionate are you about writing?


● I have been a PR professional for 2 years. I have drafted press releases for many of my clients. 

I have been completely off this field for 7years as I quit the industry to happily embrace motherhood & enjoy the growing up years of my child.

Couple of years back I went to Kashmir on vacation. Mesmerised by its beauty I could not hold myself from writing Travelogues. 

It is then I realised that writing gives me an opportunity to express myself. I started writing short stories. My 1st story Fame gave me an opportunity to see other side of celebrity life. It made me look into positives of fame & success.



2) Stories often tend to have a beginning, a middle plot and an end. How well do you think you are able to juggle between these three plot points?


●I generally start with a concept. Then give angles to the plot. Basically the beginning is planned & end is tying up the loose strings together. The middle plot always flows. It is never planned. I just ensure that it does not deviate from the main characters.


3) Who is your inspiration for Writing?


●I am a complete non reader. So I have never read any books/novels to say their works inspired me to take up writing.

However what started as casual writing for a mom's community on fb turned out to be an encouraging thing. 

I saw fellow moms like Chaitra Anumula, Nimisha Gupta & Kavita Sharma come up with great stories with their simple story line.

So I can say there is no inspiration to write but I do aspire to write power packed stories like Mauli-Abheek.



4) How well do you think your stories have reached or connected with your audience?


● My stories have always been on positives of life. It has focused on hope & belief. It has been a journey of people - be it a girl's journey through fame or couple's journey to parenting or father's journey with his daughter. It is something which people have seen or heard in their family or neighbourhood. It is the story which some have lived.



5) What are your upcoming projects or books?

●I have plans to write a story on a Rockstar's life. I also want to write about the impact of parent's divorce on adolescent children.


Talk a little about Tunelyric.
● Tunelyric was introduced by my dear friend & well wisher Chaitra. I view Tunelyric as a great opportunity to expand my horizons, improve my writing skills & reach a broader audience.

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