Spotlight : FILM GOB


Youtube is a very competitive space, where in we see everyday thousands of videos being added, just to catch your attention. While you and I, may just browse these videos for fun, or passing away some time, there are others, who devote much of their time in creating content for Youtube and then voicing out their opinions. In return, they make money and they also make themselves famous.

And ushering In such a competitive space is Film Gob which consists of Randall, Shorty McShortbread, Coco Rodriguez or to simply put, Sheikher. This has been one of my favorite channels, and is very entertaining too. So, I contacted FILM GOB aka Sheikher through his facebook page, and wal-ah, we have our third artist spotlight. And the reason you see a big gap between our second artist spotlight and the third, is because, we wanted to do something different this time. Not sticking with the routine is what we aim to do.

Here is the Interview….

1.Being a very successful Youtuber, with more than 10000 subs, what will be your guidelines or things to follow/keep in mind things, which you may pass on to an aspiring Youtuber.

It can take time to find your voice on YouTube, I never thought I’d get 1000 subs let alone 10000. Of course not everyone subscribes for the same content, so it’s a balancing act now. There’s many moving parts to creating a channel (artwork, titles, tags, analytics etc) and you’ll need to prepare to put some work in.


2.Explain a little about your daily schedule or routine. Because, you have so many videos uploaded and you must have planned many other videos, how do you make time and how do you balance it with your rest of the activities.

I don’t have a schedule, I make videos on whatever interests me. It can be a problem because there are other activities I need to spend time on. I did reach out to Hilton Collins (Super Nerd Video) who helped by letting me host his content temporarily, and that gave me time to figure out what the next phase of my channel would look like.

3.Many times, I have seen that you also get many negative comments on the videos you post. Do you avoid them? Or do they motivate you to make more of such videos?

I read most comments, and the negativity never bothers me. Dumb comments can be ignored, opinions I can engage with, but abuse can easily be reported and users banned, so YouTube’s tools can be helpful with that.

4.If you were to meet Kevin Fiege in person, what would you tell him? (Booey-akah-shaa may be).

Ha, I’m sure I would have a few things to say about his mishandling of Hulk and especially Spiderman but he probably wouldn’t listen to me anyway.

5.I do not hate Marvel, but I don’t like them either. It’s like, choosing between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. You are forced to watch Stallone’s movies, just because Arnie is not saying “Get to the Chopper”, anymore, and you know that Arnie is better than anyone. What is your reason to hate/dislike Marvel?

I really liked phase one of the MCU, and remember emailing my brother about the post credits scene with Nick Fury and geeking out that The Avengers were coming. I was hoping the franchise would get better in writing, effects, cinematography, musical score, but unfortunately Marvel Studios decided to cut corners and stick to their formula, while pandering to an audience who couldn’t care less about comic books. From Joss Whedon’s first Avengers movie, I already felt the fatigue. What was more insulting was critics praising every movie for ‘fun’ with barely any critique, yet other comicbook movies were savaged for insane reasons. When you start taking a closer look at these critics on social media, their bias and/or lack of professionalism is astounding


6.I started following you and Grace Randolph, simultaneously and I think both of you, started your channels, during the same time. However, I have seen her channel become more of a template based, which is reactions, news and reviews. Whereas your channel, has evolved to a more entertaining and character based. Is it a deliberate choice that you made, to stand out? , or is it just a coincidence or something you did not give much of a thought?

I just wanted to discuss movies similar to how others were already doing, but after a year I wasn’t enjoying myself and felt like giving up. That’s when Shorty was born, opening up the possibilities and experimenting. Many viewers don’t like the characters but i’d rather have fun than be another YouTube critic.

7.You have won many Indian hearts, when you reacted to Bahubali 2 trailer. Any further reactions down the line for Indian Movie Trailers?

I’m planning on doing more reactions and reviews for Indian films, it’s just a matter of staying in touch with new releases. I might start a series discussing classic films like Shahenshah, Coolie, etc. It’ll be great to revisit them and see how they have aged.

8.Randall is my favorite. His rants are hilarious. It also seems that you are quiet funny in real life, which shows in your videos. Tell us how you are in your normal life.

Randall and Shorty both reflect different sides of me, but normally I’m the Sheikher you see in the review videos.

                                                                        Compiled by : Abhay